Website Update

Website Updates
Over the last week I’ve been updating the TAC Missileers website to improve its responsiveness across the myriad of display screen resolutions and devices (e.g., computers, tablets, phones, etc.) that can be used for internet access. If you encounter any problems with the updates, please let me know. Thanks, Russ Reston

Accessing PX/BX stores

If you are not currently authorized to shop in a PX (or BX), this is a new benefit you need to explore. ALL veterans will soon be authorized to shop online at any PX/BX store starting November 11th, 2017. Therefore, ALL veterans are being encouraged to take the first steps by confirming their eligibility status at: It can be …

Kokyu Shokai Matador Missile Launcher

Kokyu Shokai Matador
From: Robert Bolton Subject: Something To Post on the Tac Missileers Web Site Date: August 2, 2017  To: "TAC Missileers (Russ Reston)" Hi Russ, I found this on eBay and thought it might be interesting to some missileers! I have not seen this toy version of the TM-61B before. The eBay seller claims it is a 1950s Kokyu Shokai Air …

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