Membership / Dues Info

TAC Missileers© is a United States Air Force, Cold War veterans group, open to all Air Force and supporting civilian personnel that were associated with any part of the Mace and Matador missile programs, regardless of location, rank or career field. If you are not already a TAC Missileers member, we hope you will consider becoming one (see registration form below).

TAC Missileers relies on dues to meet ongoing expenses (e.g., newsletters, website costs, applicable charities, etc.), as well as any expenses that are incurred while planning and organizing our biennial reunion activities.

Member dues are $15 for a calendar year or $30 for three calendar years.  This covers both the member and his spouse.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping your dues up to date.

Dues should be sent to:

Max Butler
41 Royal Dr.
Eustis, FL  32726

(812) 307-0187

Please make checks payable to TAC Missileers Corporation.

Please contact Max if you have any questions about membership / dues.

TAC Missileers Membership Registration Form

    Please provide the following information. After submitting this form, don't forget to send your dues to Max Butler. Upon receipt, he will send you a membership card and add your name to our active members list.

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    Example: Bitburg - 71st TMS (1963/64)

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    Example: Kadena - 498th TMG (1965/67)