2015 Business Meeting Minutes

TAC Missileers Reunion
Orlando, Fl – October 29, 2015
1905 Hours

The 2015 business meeting was called to order by Dave DeRain (TAC Missileers Secretary) at 1905 hours.

John Marasi gave the invocation and Joe Perkins led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Dave welcomed the attendees to Orlando, explained that president Bill Simpson could not attend the reunion and has resigned as president, therefore Dave would run the meeting.  Dave then introduced the TAC Missileers Officers:

  • Joe Perkins Executive Director
  • Max Butler Treasurer / Membership Director
  • Bob Bolton Newsletter Editor
  • Art Gust Historian who was unable to attend

Dave read the 2013 Business Meeting Minutes.  A motion to approve was made, seconded and approved.

Dave then gave an explanation of why the 2015 Reunion was moved from Boston to Orlando.  The change was agreed to by the officers after much discussion due to the expense in the Boston area.  It was felt that because of the cost of hotels and parking we would have a very low turnout and maximum turn out is the goal of these reunions.  Dave apologized to everyone who disagreed with this decision, but it was made with the best interests of the organization in mind.

Max Butler (Treasurer) gave an overview of the organization’s financial status, advising that there is a current balance of approximately $36,000 before paying for the banquet ($7,000).

Joe Perkins (Executive Director) thanked the group (“We are a family.” Joe said) for all the support he received due to the recent loss of his wife and long time Missileer Reunion participant Sara.

 Max explained the canceled Cape tour due to a new base commander and security concerns. Max explained that thanks to Jim Hale and Tom Hillard we were offered an opportunity to view an Atlas V launch from the press area.  The bus will leave at 0730 and a box lunch will be provided.

Note: Late the night before the launch, the launch was postponed by a day so we missed it, but a Cape tour was offered instead.

Old Business:

New Business:

Newsletter:  Bob Bolton (Newsletter Editor) stated that he is getting little to no input for the newsletter.  There was much discussion about whether or not to have a newsletter.  Some members do not have internet access and printing and mailing 60 to 70 copies of the newsletter cost money.

A motion was made to publish a newsletter once a year and send it out by email and by US mail to those that do not have the internet.  Motion seconded and approved.

Send newsletter input to Bob Bolton.

Election of Officers:  Nominations were opened to fill the vacant office of president:

Dave DeRain was nominated and accepted.

Max Butler was nominated and declined.

Nominations were closed and Dave DeRain will be the new president.

Nominations were then required to fill the now vacant secretary position.  Max nominated Jerry Brenner.  Nominations were then closed and Jerry Brenner will be the new secretary.

2017 Reunion:  The suggestion was made that the reunion should be held in the mid US, a city with hotels that can accommodate our group, a cost that will generate the maximum number of attendees.  

The following cities were suggested:

                                1st vote     2nd vote

Las Vegas                    27        42

New Orleans               29        31

Indianapolis                 8

Colorado Springs         6

Denver                           5

Nominations were closed and a show of hands gave the above results.

It was then suggested that a final vote be taken between the top two cities.

A reminder was made that only Missileer members can vote.

The result of the final vote showed that Las Vegas will be our 2017 reunion city.

There was a discussion about how to pick future reunion cities resulting in no changes to the current system.

Joe passed out some new membership cards.

Max reminded us about the pictures for the Year Book which will be available for $25.00.

A drawing was held for some Missileer Plaques.

John Marasi gave the closing prayer.

The meeting adjourned at 2010 hours.

Respectfully submitted,
Dave DeRain
TAC Missileers Secretary