2017 Business Meeting Minutes


The 2017 business meeting was called to order by Dave DeRain, President at 1532.

John Marasi gave the invocation and Joe Perkins led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance

Following the pledge, Dave welcomed the attendees to Las Vegas.  Then Dave introduced the officers:

  • Dave DeRain  President
  • Joe Perkins  Executive Director
  • Max Butler   Treasurer/Membership Director
  • Jerry Brenner   Secretary

Dave acknowledged Bob Bolton’s taking care of the Tac Missileers newsletter and Bob had indicated that he needs more articles for the newsletter.

Dave also acknowledged Russ Reston on his taking care of the web site and keeping it current.

Max Butler presented the treasurer’s report.  As of December 31,16, the balance was $19,806.32  and as of September 1, 17, the balance was $18,120.45.  The September balance did not include the sale of shirts and other memorabilia at the reunion and memberships.  The treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Joe Perkins thanked the members for attending the reunion and reiterated that our organization is a non-profit 501/C3 organization.

Jerry Brenner read the minutes of the Orlando 2015 minutes and they were approved as read.




Election of officers: it was unanimously approved that all current officers are to stand.

Max informed the membership that the final results for the location of the next reunion in 2019 were as follows:

  • New Orleans     15
  • Denver                 7

By this vote, the next reunion will be in New Orleans.  Date to be determined at a later date.  It was suggested to be at a time that there was minimal chance of the city being hit by a hurricane.

Several members made very favorable comments about New Orleans as the next reunion location.

Max passed out membership cards to those that had requested them.

It was mentioned that pictures of the attendees at the reunion would be taken before leaving for the banquet.  

A bus would be provided for the trip to the Hofbrauhaus for those that needed it.

A thank you went out to all those officers who worked on the reunion to make it a success.

Many attendance prizes were given out to lucky members.

John Marasi  gave the closing prayer.

The meeting was adjourned by Dave DeRain at 1610.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Brenner

Tac Missileers Secretary