Air Force Armament Museum

Max Butler, Jerry Brenner and Frank Roales recently met at the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes, IN to discuss restoration plans for the “Wildwood” Mace. Jerry was kind enough to share photos of their inspection, a few of which can be found below. Jerry also shared photos taken during a recent visit to the Air Force Armament Museum at Elgin Air Force Base, Fl ( He took many photos of the Mace B they have on display. The photos will be used for reference during the restoration of the ‘Wildwood’ Mace by the Indiana Military Museum. Some of the his photos can be found below.

From: Jerry Brenner
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2011
To: Russ Reston
Subject: Mace Missile at USAF Armament Museum, Eglin AFB, FL
Don’t know if you would be interested in posting some of these pictures on the Tac Missileers web page but I took tons of pictures of this missile from all kinds of angles to help in restoration of the one in Vincennes. I took pictures of all the markings and am going to make a cd for Frank Roales for reference. This missile is in great shape and the terracruiser is really done up well. I have a side view of this missile that it awesome and I use it for my wallpaper. Let me know if these work. Also, the plate at the missile does show that it’s a Mace B and was used at Orlando AFB and I’m sure Frank worked on it. I will find more pictures and send them if you wish.
Jerry Brenner-USAF veteran, 1966-1970 Nuclear Weapons Specialist-MOS 46350 Rocket Jockey