Bitburg 71st TMS Inquiry

George Mindling received the following 71st TMS inquiry from Tom Coughlin. If you can help, please send Tom an email (or send the info to me and I will forward it to Tom).


Subject: 71st TMS
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010
From: Tom Coughlin

To: George Mindling

Mr. Mindling,

I found your site ( by mistake, ordered and completed your well written book. The memories that it brought back set me on a mission. I lost all my USAF memorabilia in a fire and am trying to get in touch with my old launch crew, and maybe get a copy of the crew photos especially the one taken in front of the missile monument. Launch Officer was a LT Gross, (real tall skinny guy with dark hair). I can’t remember the others names but the faces are pretty clear. Funny what times does and doesn’t do. We were in Bitburg from sometime in late summer or fall of 1964 to Oct 67. Three of my running buddies were; Don (TEX) Walters, Wayne Douglas, and Walt Stoll. If any of your members were in Bitburg at the same time, and know me or any of the mentioned guys please forward them my email address.

Tom Coughlin

TAC Missileers Website Guestbook Entry – 6/30/2010
(949) Tom Coughlin
Wed, June 30, 2010 – 1:42 pm


1964 – 67 Bitburg 71st TMS (tech 2).
I am trying to locate anyone of my old crew.
LO was LT Gross Wayne Douglas, Don Walters, Walt Stole were friends from Lowery to Bitburg.
Also trying to replace group photos that were lost in a fire, especially around the Missile Monument. Any assistance will be appreciated.
I wish I had known about this group before the Wildwood move. Would like to have participated.