Bitburg Site VIII – Almost 50 years later

June 7, 2012

Jim Kidd recently visited Bitburg Site VIII and has shared some photos. As you can see, the site looks a little different than it did almost 50 years ago, when it was an operational Mace B / CGM-13B site.

From: Jim Kidd
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2012
To: Russ Reston
Subject: TAC Missileers Contact Us Submission

Visited Bitburg in May and worked my way back to Site VIII. The site is now a solar farm. None of the debris has been cleared from in front of the cells. Took pictures from the fence. The exit from the Bitburg/Trier highway has been bypassed by a bridge, but easy to work your way around. The Bitburg Base housing area is now being used by Spang and is active for a couple of more years. Heard that 2014 will close that area. I was a Launch Crew Mech 1 when assigned to Bitburg in 62.

Here are 3 pictures from our trip. They did not clean up the area around the cells when they installed the solar farm out front. The photos were taken about 11 May 2012.


 Bitburg Site VIII (photo courtesy of Jim Kidd)

Bitburg Site VIII (photo courtesy of Jim Kidd)

Bitburg Site VIII (photo courtesy of Jim Kidd)