Mace B Test Launch

Mace B (TM-76B / CGM-13B) Test Launch on 31 October 1962
Camp Happiness – Cape Canaveral
Photo submitted by Don Dysart (Kadena, 823rd TMS, 1963/65)

Air Force Missile Test Center
Photographic Laboratory
Operated by RCA
PL-62-79768   10/31/62
Launch, Test 4226.

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CGM-13B Test Launch (photo courtesy of Don Dysart)

After posting the photo above, we received the following comment:

From: Dick Beal
Date: April 10, 2010

I was on the launch crew.  JKF had just made his famous speech re-Cuban Missile Crisis, “Any attack by Cube-ah on the United States will be viewed as an attack by Russia-ah upon the United States…….”  Just a few days prior to this launch. I will never forget watching his speech from the Camp Happiness Day Room and thinking I am up for discharge in less that 60 days and he is picking WW III …….

Florida looked like an Army Base, there were anti-aircraft guns & missiles dug into the public beaches.

Some “jokers” had drawn a big heart & arrow on the side of this bird and written “To Castro With Love” which the Captain saw and made us wipe it off.

Dick Beal