2011 Business Meeting Minutes

TAC Missileers Reunion
San Diego, CA – October 13, 2011
1700 Hours

The 2011 business meeting was called to order by Bill Simpson, President, at 1700 hours, after the conclusion of a short ‘walk-in’ video, prepared by George Mindling. The video included a ‘roll call’ of the various USAF units that were involved with the Matador and Mace missile programs. (The video has since been placed on the website so that it can be shared with everyone. Thanks George!) There were more than 100 TAC Missileers in attendance.

Bill led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a minute of silent prayer. He then welcomed attendees and introduced the TAC Missileers officers, starting with Max Butler (Treasurer & Membership Director), Russ Reston (Secretary & Webmaster), Bob Bolton (Newsletter Editor) and Art Gust (Historian). (Unfortunately, Art was unable to attend.)
Bill next introduced Joe Perkins, TAC Missileers Executive Director. Joe welcomed attendees to San Diego and promised an enjoyable reunion. He then thanked the officers for their support and presented each with a plaque recognizing his efforts. (Thanks, Joe!)

Russ Reston, Secretary, read the minutes from the 2009 Reunion in Dayton. They were accepted as read. Russ gave a quick status of the website and the change to electronic newsletter distribution. Electronic distribution has significantly reduced expenses allowing dues to remain unchanged as inflation persists. Russ recommended that portions of the website (e.g., newsletters / website subscriptions) be restricted to active members only. Since the newsletters are currently available to anyone via the website, there is less incentive to become an active member. Russ made a formal motion to implement a ‘common password’ to limit newsletter and website subscription access. The motion was approved. (This website modification should be complete no later than Nov. 11th, 2011.)

Max Butler, Treasurer, gave a brief financial synopsis. At the beginning of September, the treasury had risen to $45, 142.61, with the influx of reunion registration fees. After payment of reunion expenses (e.g., tour / coach transportation fees and Oktoberfest costs), the treasury will return to its ‘normal’ level of approximately $25,000. Max advised that this is a good ‘target’ to maintain the organization’s tax-free status and minimize IRS reporting requirements.

Max stated that a request had been received from TAC Missileer Frank Roales, on behalf of the Indiana Military Museum, asking for a donation to assist with the paint / decal costs necessary for restoration of the ‘Wildwood’ Mace. Jerry Brenner provided the current status of the restoration and answered questions. (It was Jerry who had contacted the Indiana National Guard about moving the missile from Wildwood, Fl. to Vincennes, IN. They moved the missile as part of a ‘training’ exercise, saving TAC Missileers the transportation costs.) A motion was made to give a donation of up to $1,000 to cover the paint / decal costs. The motion was unanimously approved.

Max next expressed a special thanks to Russ for all his help since becoming Secretary in 2009 (e.g., assistance with the reunion planning, membership records, etc.).

Bob Bolton (Newsletter Editor) reminded attendees that he is always looking for items of interest for inclusion in the newsletter. Input is much appreciated. While photos may be better suited for the website, text / stories make the newsletters interesting and informative. Please send Bob your input.

Bill Simpson advised that there was no ‘old business’ and opened the floor to ‘new business.’

  • David Coddington recommended that the organization consider placement of a TAC Missileers memorial plaque on Mt. Soledad (San Diego, CA). The Officers will take the recommendation under advisement.
  • Kenneth Roth stated that the Midway Tour did not provide sufficient time to fully see the USS Midway.

Joe Perkins asked for new officer nominations. None were received. The existing officers expressed their willingness to continue in their current positions. A motion was made and approved for their reelection.

Joe opened the floor for discussion where the 2013 Reunion should take place. Recommendations included Washington DC, Branson, San Antonio, Orlando, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Albuquerque. San Antonio received 52 votes, followed by Branson (13), Albuquerque (9), Washington (7), New Orleans (3), Las Vegas (1) and Orlando (0). The 2013 Reunion will be held in San Antonio.

At the meeting’s conclusion, door prizes were awarded using numbered ticket stubs. The prizes consisted of various TAC Missileers memorabilia – a plaque, clocks, coffee mugs, t-shirts, license plates, challenge coins, etc. There was a minor ‘glitch’ calling the numbers, but all prizes were eventually distributed.

The meeting and door prize distribution were complete by 1825 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Russ Reston
TAC Missileers Secretary