Arnie Hauswald’s Lowry AFB Photos

May 26, 2010 Russ, Here is the disc with images for posting to TAC Missileers website. Thank you for offering this [service] to the members. I think it is important to capture any and all info we, as missileers can, while we can. Consolidating it here at least provides some small niche for my missileer legacy after I depart this good earth. It appears the Members list is alphabetical. I titled my disc specifically to put me in the middle of the pack. I didn’t want to end up heading the list. 🙂 (Lowry AFB ’61-’65 A1C Arnie Hauswald) Sorry Arnie, the website software automatically sorts the member albums by the member’s first name. So… you get to be near the top of the list :-). I am not providing any narrative for the images. I figure if anyone has any questions, they’ll contact me via Email. For example, the image at the ski lift, (Vail as I remember, with my visiting parents) had to have been late 1961. Anyway, I have fond memories of that ‘horse blanket’, so felt it was important to include it even if it seems non-mil. The airplane image? Takeoff from Eppley Airfield, Sep 15, 1961. I’m on board that plane on my way to USAF basic at Lackland. My parents took the picture [while probably happily waving goodbye… 🙂 ]. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Again, thanks. Arnold ‘Arnie’ Hauswald TAC Missileer