Kent Washburn’s Photos (#2)

From: Kent Washburn

Sent: January 24, 2012

To: Russ Reston

Subject: Crew Coffee Mug

Russ: I was at Kadena from 1965 to 1966; 498TH TMG; site 3; launch crew mech 3. I forgot my crew number but I’m going to try and attach a picture of our crew coffee mug. Everyone on the crew had a ” Dennis The Menace” coffee mug that I designed and had transposed on a set of mugs purchased in a downtown Kosa shop. The cartoon character had a different theme representing each crew member’s particular launch crew function. As you can see mine was the mech 3. 🙂 Somewhere out there are 6 more of these cups. Assuming they survived all these years.

Kent Washburn   Photo courtesy of Kent Washburn   Photo courtesy of Kent Washburn