TM-76C Model by Hawk

Just received the following query (via George Mindling) asking for information on assembly and painting of a TM-61C model made by Hawk? Can anyone help? If you can, please send an email to Russ Reston.  Thanks!

Subject: Martin Matador TM-61C
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010

To whom it may concern,

I have a Martin Matador TM61C that I recently came across from boxes of models of my late father. My question is this; would you, or could you direct me to the right people to get the proper paint and assembly instructions for this model? I understand that it would be a copy, and that is perfectly okay. The best I can make out is that the model was manufactured in 1958 by some “technical manual” that my dad put with it in the bag with the model. The original box was destroyed in a flood back in the sixties, as was a lot of his models and the majority of his models he put in plastic model sized bags. I am sure it was made by “HAWK”, if that is of any halp to you

Thank You in advance for your time and any help and assistance you can offer.

Steve Ebert