2019 Reunion – Model Display???

Is anyone interested in displaying their Mace / Matador models at the 2019 TAC Missileers Reunion? If so, please contact Max Butler.

Russ, my New Year’s resolution is to finally dig my model of the Mace out of the closet and begin the “construction” of same. As you can see I’ve even unboxed the model and laid all the necessary parts out on a table. Yeah I know that all the parts are still in their plastic bags. That’s my next project is opening the bags and identifying each “little” part before I “attempt” to start the “mating” process of said parts. Oh! Don’t think I told you, I’ve only had this model about 8 years. I have Ed Nangle to thank for shaming me into digging this model out of the closet and hopefully have it completely put together for transport to the reunion in September. Ed did a super job of putting his Mace model together completely encased in a show case. He says it only took him 3 months. I don’t know if this was working day and night or maybe just on weekends. Anyway stay tuned on my progress. Maybe there are some other Missileer “fellers” out there that would bring their models to the reunion also. You might post my “thoughts” on the web-site. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND ALL OUR MISSILEER FAMILY. 


Max Butler’s Mace Construction Project (Jan. 2019)

Ed Nangle’s model of TM-76 Mace and Terracruiser Launcher (Aug. 2018)