2019 Reunion Update

The 2019 TAC Missileers Reunion has been moved from New Orleans to Newport News, Virginia.

  • Reunion dates will be Sept. 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th 2019.
  • More details will be posted on the website as they become available.

From: Max Butler
Subject: 2019 Reunion City
Date: August 5, 2018
To: TAC Missileers

After making a trip to New Orleans a couple of months ago I have to say I was disappointed in what I saw. I was expecting a beautiful city with great accommodations at affordable rates. Instead to be blunt, the city to me seemed to be dirty, Also I was expecting a beautiful river walk area along the river. To say the least this was anything but beautiful. Maybe I was expecting a river walk area like San Antonio had. This was not the case in New Orleans. Hotel room rates are out of site, especially when the city tax of 25% is added on. The very disappointing thing for me was the rate to park your car at the hotels which was $45.00 a day with valet parking only. It is also required for a valet to retrieve your car.

Anyway I have had conversations with some of our members and have found that New Orleans is not a city they want to visit for a reunion. So after conversing with more than a few of our TAC Missileers members, I have decided to move the 2019 reunion to Newport News, VA.

Lois and I flew to Newport News recently and spent 4 days with a very nice tourism lady touring the city and surrounding area. I must say it is a beautiful and clean city with many historical museums to explore, some of which we did visit. I especially enjoyed the Virginia Air & Space Center also called the Nasa Langley Visitor Center.

After touring this museum we ventured onto Langley AFB where we were treated to a great lunch and some base touring, after we cleared security, of course. I might add here that I’m seriously thinking of having a luncheon in one of the base hangers accompanied by an exotic aircraft of some sort. No, its not a 170 Cessna.

Our favorite museum that we visited was the Mariners Museum. It was awesome to say the least. I’m not going to divulge what is in the museum. You will have to find out when you visit.

Also planning on a boat tour of the Norfolk Navy harbor where all of the Navy aircraft carriers and ships are built and some are docked.

We will be staying at the Newport News Marriot at city center, a very nice 12 story hotel. Room rates will be $136.00 a night plus tax. I was successful in getting a fully cooked breakfast for 2 included in the room rate each morning. The Marriot also has a 4 hour discounted beverage rate each evening.

There is a very nice RV campground close by with full hook-ups for those that may want to come to the reunion via the RV mode. I-64 from the western part of the country runs very close to Newport News.

Our usual banquet will be held in the hotel on Friday night. Details and menu will be divulged after the first of the year as all this is still in the planning stages.

I would like anyone that may be planning on attending the reunion to please let me know so I can stay abreast of the attendance count. I of course realize that things happen to change someone’s attendance plans but this I will deal with.

After the 1st of the year I will have a registration form on our web-site detailing what the reunion schedule will be and what funds you will need to send in.

Also, at this point I have contracted for 65 hotel rooms with the option of adding more if needed. Again, please let me know if you are planning on attending the reunion or even thinking about it. There is an airport close by to Newport News as well as one in Norfolk of which we flew into from Orlando Sanford. I might add it is a very nice airport. There are plenty of shuttles, taxis. limos etc. to get you to the hotel in Newport News. The address of the Marriott hotel in Newport is 740 Town Center Drive. Again, if you are planning on attending the reunion next year let me know. Email is maxandlois05@gmail.com, Ph.# 812-307-0187. Hope to have a great turnout.

Max Butler

Marriott – Newport News, VA at City Center

Marriott - Newport News, City Center