Can you identify this part?

John Hilliard (History Center and Space & Missile Museum Volunteer, Patrick Space Force Base, FL), is trying to identify a possible Matador part that was recently found near the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse. If you can help, please contact John (John Hilliard – directly. Thanks!

From: John Hilliard <>


Date: November 18, 2022

To: Russ Reston


I was wondering if some of your Matador people might ID this part.  It was found out by the old Lighthouse foundation in a dense vegetation. Someone said it might be part of the old lighthouse which I do not believe that they made this part in the 1850s time frame. It has a QA/QC stamps on it.

The question is was it from the Matador program? Our Professional Archaeologist at the Cape was wondering what the part was from.

I do not know what it is and was hoping someone from your group might know.

Any help would be appreciated,

John Hilliard

Space Launch Delta 45 public Affaires Office VOLUNTEER

History Center and Space & Missile Museum Volunteer