Info Request – “Eddie” / “Ellie” (Okinawa 1964/65)

We recently received a request for assistance in trying to locate a serviceman that was stationed on Okinawa during the 1965-1965 timeframe. 

If you can help, please contact Anna Taka <>.


From: Anna Taka <>
Subject: TAC Missileers “Contact Us” Submission – Lady looking for her Dad (1964-1965) Okinawa
Date: December 20, 2016 
To: Max Butler <>

Greetings from Okinawa, Japan. I’m a resident here in Okinawa, and I work for the US Army on Torii Station.

A 51 yr-old lady is looking for her Dad who was here in Okinawa from 1964~1965. Her Okinawan mother (deceased) and her Dad were not married, and he apparently left before she was born.

Her mother chose not to mention anything about her Dad and passed away without telling her his name.

Her Uncle remembers calling him Eddie or Ellie. Nothing in writing.

He worked @ the Communication Site/Base located on Toya, Yomitan. Not Torii!

The daughter understands it’s almost impossible to find him without a name, but if anyone recognizes him from the photo from 50+ years ago, she will appreciate any info she can have about him.

The Uncle says he lived in Sobe and moved to Kadena behind the City Office until he departed.

I understand I can’t post any photos in this page, but please let me know if I can find a page to post it or a good e-mail address. Any guidance or assistance will be appreciated.

Very Respectfully,
Anna Taka <>


From: Anna Taka <>
Subject: Re: TAC Missileers “Contact Us” Submission – Lady looking for her Dad (1964-1965) Okinawa
Date: December 22, 2016 
To: Max Butler 

Mr. Butler, Just found out that the mother’s name was Miyoko.   Here are the two photos we have on the Veteran.

Thank you.

Very Respectfully,
Anna Taka <>

Eddie / Ellie

Eddie / Ellie