Lost Touch With Some Members




We’ve lost touch with a few TAC Missileers members.  

If you know how to reach them, please contact Max Butler.  


From: Max Butler 
Subject: Returned Newsletters
Date: December 29, 2016
To: Russ Reston

I’ve gotten quite a few returned newsletters. You might post these names on the web-site in the hopes that someone will see their name. Some of them I sent again and they still came back as not known or not deliverable as addressed.

They are:

  • Dale Balducci
  • Lee Berkes
  • Marion Cashiola
  • Kenneth Haehnel
  • Frank Hewitt
  • William Horn
  • Robert Johnson
  • Roland LaLumondier
  • Frederic Putnam
  • Martin Spargo Jr.
  • Robert Walker

I’ve also e-mailed some of these and it won’t go thru.
Thanks, Max (maxandlois05@gmail.com)