“Miss L” Refurb

“Miss L” refurb has been completed.

“Miss L,” which is located at the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes, Indiana, recently underwent refurbishment.

Miss "L"
“Miss L”

After standing as the welcoming gate guard to the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes, Indiana for the past eight years in the constantly changing Indiana weather, “Miss L” was in need of a refurb. Armed with a generous grant from the Association of Air Force Missileers, “Miss L” was removed from her mount at the museum’s entrance in mid-June to be brought back to prime display status. Four TAC Missileers Frank Roales, Max Butler, Larry Johnston and Jerry Brenner put in many hours assisted by museum personnel and Dave’s Wrecker Service to remove her from the mount place her on a trailer to be taken from display and placed in a outdoor restoration area for a refurb.  Due to having to work around the schedules of everyone involved and the weather after almost three months she was completed and re-installed as the first thing visitors see before they even enter the museum grounds.
Frank Roales

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