Newsletter Input Requested


Newsletter input requested. If you have any stories, anecdotes, etc. that you would like to share via a TAC Missileers Newsletter, please contact Bob Bolton (TAC Missileers Newsletter Editor). Thanks!

From: Max Butler
Subject: TAC Missileers Newsletters
Date: January 18, 2019
To: Russ Reston

Russ,   I have been in conversation with Bob Bolton regarding putting out another newsletter. Bob would like to wait until after the reunion so that we can possibly have some material from the reunion to put into the newsletter. In the meantime we are asking our membership to please send Bob any material that they would care to have published, especially from back in those “great years” that we all enjoyed so much as Matador & Mace “jockey’s.” Of course we would appreciate any stories being reasonably “close” to being true. After all this “down” time some of us may not be quite “accurate” with our stories. Of course the intent is what is most important anyhow. Hope to get lots and lots of material.