Newsletter Material Wanted

NewsletterJuly 23, 2016

Hey TAC Missileers Members,

Hope all is well with everyone. I’m in pretty good shape, for a old guy. I have a request from all of you.

As you all know we used to send out newsletters every quarter, but due to insufficient material coming in from the membership it got so bad that Bob Bolton our newsletter editor didn’t have anything to make a newsletter up with.

It was decided at the Orlando reunion last Oct. to go to an annual newsletter. As it will be a year this coming Oct. it’s almost time to put the newsletter out, so Bob will need all the stories and pictures he can get. I personally would enjoy reading about everyone’s travels and experiences this past year. I’m sure there would be some very interesting stories. They don’t even have to be entirely true. JUST KIDDING!!

Bob Bolton’s address is on our web-site. (See

By the way, our Las Vegas reunion in 2017 will be held the month of Oct., probably the first week. The dates will be let out later this year. Joe and I will be traveling out to Las Vegas in the near future to “scope” everything out. Stay tuned.

Max Butler