The Dayton Reunion Was A Success!!!

We had a great time.  Lots of fun renewing old friendships and making new ones.

Many thanks to Joe & Sarah (Perkins), Max & Lois (Butler) and Zito (Esposito) for all their efforts towards making the reunion such a success.  Bravo!

August 1, 2009  — Reunion photos continue to be added to the website.  Many thanks to Max Butler, Larry Emerson, Jim Larimer, George Mindling, Joe Molinaro, Frank Roales, Larry Shipley and Carolyn Wilczynski.

>>> TAC Missileers 2009 Reunion Photos <<<

Russ R.

FYI – The 2011 Reunion will be held in San Diego, CA.  Be sure to plan to attend.


Last Name First Name   Assignments
1 Nix Adams   Sembach
2 Terry  Akre   Kadena, Orlando & Bitburg
3 Darline Akre Spouse of Terry Akre  
4 Michael  Alexander   Sembach
5 Pat Alexander Spouse of Michael Alexander  
6 Bob Armbruster   Lowry, Orlando & Hahn
7 Claire Armbruster Spouse of Bob Armbruster  
8 Bruce Armstrong   Hahn & Kadena
9 A. K. Armstrong Guest of Bruce Armstrong  
10 Richard Arnold   Lowry
11 Robert   Bailey   Orlando, Bitburg & Kadena
12 Ron Baird   Sembach
13 Kathy Baird Spouse of Ron Baird  
14 Hank Barlow   Sembach
15 Donna Barlow Spouse of Hank Barlow  
16 Warren Bayliss   Hahn
17 Susan Bayliss Spouse of Warren Bayliss  
18 George Beaumont   Sembach
19 Dee Beaumont Spouse of George Beaumont  
20 Charles Blair   Kadena, Orlando & Bitburg
21 Mary Blair Spouse of Charles Blair  
22 Bob Bolton TAC Missileer Editor Sembach
23 Ingrid Bolton Spouse of Bob Bolton  
24 Michael Brashear   Sembach
25 Bette Brashear Spouse of Michael Brashear  
26 Jerry Brenner   Bitburg
27 Jonna Brenner Spouse of Jerry Brenner  
28 Robert Brewster & Guest Orlando, Hahn & Kadena
29 Hanley Brite   Sembach 
30 Max Butler Membership Dir. / Treasurer Hahn & Bitburg
31 Lois Butler Spouse of Max Butler  
32 Jim Cagle   Lowry, Orlando & Bitburg
33 Susan Cagle Spouse of Jim Cagle  
34 Len Calkins   Lowry, Orlando & Bitburg
35 Buck  Cashiola   Sembach
36 Nowana Cashiola Spouse of Buck Cashiola  
37 Ray Chesney   Sembach
38 Barbara Chesney Spouse of Ray Chesney  
39 Jack Chyle   Sembach
40 Renee Chyle Spouse of Jack Chyle  
41 David Coddington   Sembach
42 Josie Coddington Spouse of David Coddington  
43 Gary Colsch   Sembach
44 Patricia Colsch Spouse of Gary Colsch  
45 Lowell Cook   Bitburg & Kadena
46 John Nozolino    
47 Allan Coon   Sembach
48 David Cooper   Kadena
49 Ken Corl   Sembach
50 Pat Corl Spouse of Ken Corl  
51 Donnie Cubbage   Sembach
52 Katherine Cubbage Spouse of Donnie Cubbage  
53 Jerry Currie   Sembach
54 Sylvia Currie Spouse of Jerry Currie  
55 Richard Dager   Sembach
56 Harold Dams   Sembach
57 Vicki Zarski Guest of Harold Dams  
58 Clarence Davenport   Bitburg 
59 Ruth Davenport Spouse of Clarence Davenport  
60 George ‘Deuce’ Demko   Lowry, Orlando & Taiwan
61 Mick Denington   Sembach
62 Marilyn Denington Spouse of Mick Denington  
63 David DeRain   Hahn
64 Claudia DeRain Spouse of David DeRain  
65 Randy Doi   Hahn
66 Mary Gen Doi Spouse of Randy Doi  
67 John Downs   Hahn & Sembach
68 Ray Dugger   Sembach
69 Ted Ebbinga   Bitburg
70 Sandy Ebbinga Spouse of Ted Ebbinga  
71 Larry Emerson TAC Missileer Secretary Lowry, Orlando & Bitburg
72 Jan Emerson Spouse of Larry Emerson  
73 Julian Esposito TAC Missileer President Hahn
74 Walter   Fenley   Patrick
75 Evelyn Fenley Spouse of Walter Fenley  
76 John Fisher   Hahn
77 Robert Fuelling   Kadena & Bitburg
78 Dorothy Fuelling Spouse of Robert Fuelling  
79 Harry Gardner   Hahn
80 Mic Gardner Spouse of Harry Gardner  
81 James Garner   Lowry, Orlando & Holloman
82 Robert Garside   Bitburg
83 Kevin Garside Guest of Robert Garside  
84 Dennis Gent   Hahn
85 Judi Gent Spouse of Dennis Gent  
86 David George   Bitburg & Sembach
87 George Glaush   Sembach
88 Carol Glaush Spouse of George Gaush  
89 Frank Godwin   Sembach
90 William Goshorn   Sembach
91 Helga Goshorn Spouse of William Goshorn  
92 Al Groft Jr.   Sembach
93 Tierna Stockley Guest of Al Groft Jr.  
94 Art Gust   Holloman, Hahn, Sembach & Orlando
95 Bill  Mell Guest of Art Gust  
96 Wendel Guy   Lowry, Orlando & Sembach
97 Lorraine Guy Spouse of Wendel Guy  
98 Marc Hagan   Sembach
99 Shirley Hagan Spouse of Marc Hagan  
100 Steve Haines   Hahn
101 Elizabeth Haines Spouse of Steve Haines  
102 Frank Hall   Kadena
103 Leslie Hall Spouse of Frank Hall  
104 Michael Hamerski   Sembach
105 Leonard   Hannasch   Sembach
106 Arnold Hansen   Sembach
107 Jacque  Hansen Spouse of Arnold Hansen  
108 Larry Havemann   Kadena
109 Carole Havemann Spouse of Larry Havemann  
110 Bill Hayes   Sembach
111 Anita Hayes Spouse of Bill Hayes  
112 Ernie Hedberg    
113 Marge Visser Guest of Ernie Hedberg  
114 Gene Henderson   Hahn
115 Merle Henderson Guest of Gene Henderson  
116 Andy Holcombe   Sembach
117 Robert Hosiner    
118 Linda Hosiner Spouse of Robert Hosiner  
119 Larry Idleman   Lowry, Orlando & Hahn
120 Claude Bedwell Guest of Larry Idleman  
121 Ray Isaacs   Lowry, Sembach & Minot
122 Trudi Isaacs Spouse of Ray Isaacs  
123 “Johnny” Johnson   Sembach
124 Bobby Campbell Guest of Johnny Johnson  
125 Ted Jarvi   Bitburg
126 Ed Johnson   Sembach
127 Rita Johnson Spouse of Ed Johnson  
128 Richard Johnson   Sembach
129 Douglas Jones   Tainan
130 Carolyn Jones Spouse of Douglas Jones  
131 Michael Kelly   Hahn
132 Richard Cook Guest of Michael Kelly  
133 Bill Krebs    
134 Ingrid Krebs Spouse of Bill Krebs  
135 Bob  Kutulis   Sembach
136 Carol Kutulis Spouse of Bob Kutulis  
137 Werner Laag   Sembach
138 Jackie Laag Spouse of Werner Laag  
139 Jim Larimer   Bitburg
140 Judy Larimer Spouse of Jim Larimer  
141 James Lee   Orlando, Hahn & Bitburg
142 Irma Lee Spouse of James Lee  
143 Tim Lewinski   Kadena
144 Peggy Lewinski Spouse of Tim Lewinski  
145 Peter Lileck   Bitburg
146 Allan Lindblom   Bitburg
147 Ray Lischka   Sembach
148 Caroline Lischka Spouse of Ray Lischka  
149 Kailea Lischka Guest of Ray Lischka  
150 John Lucas   Hahn
151 Marion Lucas Spouse of John Lucas  
152 David Maas   Hahn
153 John Marasi   Hahn
154 Christine Marasi Spouse of John Marasi  
155 Marty Martin   Hahn
156 Linda Martin Spouse of Marty Martin  
157 William McLearran   Kadena
158 Gerald Miller   Hahn
159 Madelyn Miller Spouse of Gerald Miller  
160 Harry Miller   Hahn
161 Carol Miller Spouse of Harry Miller  
162 Ward Stanek Guest of Harry Miller  
163 Margaret Stanek Guest of Harry Miller  
164 George Mindling   Orlando, Bitburg & Lowry
165 Ilse Mindling Spouse of George Mindling  
166 Joe Molinaro   Sembach
167 Johanna Molinaro Spouse of Joe Molinaro  
168 Steven “Sam” Moore   Sembach
169 Wiltrud Moore Spouse of Steven Moore  
170 Ahmed Mozham   Sembach
171 John Nozolino    
172 Fred Paine    
173 Gisela Paine Spouse of Fred Paine  
174 Walter   Perdue   Hahn
175 Christel  Perdue Spouse of Walter Perdue  
176 Joe Perkins TAC Missileer Exec. Director Hahn
177 Sara Perkins Spouse of Joe Perkins  
178 Jim Plowden   Sembach
179 Carmen Quatrochi   Hahn
180 Natalie Quatrochi Spouse of Carmen Quatrochi  
181 Joseph Rea   Hahn
182 Russ Reston   Sembach
183 Gil Richards   Hahn
184 E.G. Smith Guest of Gil Richards  
185 Bill Rinker   Hahn
186 Ginni Rinker Spouse of Bill Rinker  
187 Frank Roales   Orlando
188 Loretta Roales Spouse of Frank Roales  
189 Kenneth Roberts   Sembach
190 Gertrud Roberts Spouse of Kenneth Roberts  
191 Kenneth Roth   Sembach
192 Kim  Roth Spouse of Kenneth Roth   
193 Stephen Rozic Jr.   Bitburg
194 Marie  Rozic Spouse of Stephen Rozic  
195 Chico Ruiz   Hahn & Bitburg
196 Lucy McHugh Guest of Chico Ruiz  
197 Bill Russell   Sembach
198 Jan Russell Spouse of Bill Russell  
199 William Schuller   Sembach
200 Nancy Schuller Spouse of William Schuller  
201 Ron Schwartz   Hahn
202 Carol Schwartz Spouse of Ron Schwartz  
203 Lora Lynn Schwartz Guest of Ron Schwartz  
204 Larry Shipley   Sembach
205 Robert Simms   Sembach
206 William Simpson   Orlando, Hahn & Bitburg
207 Aurora Simpson Spouse of William Simpson  
208 Waymon Snell   Sembach
209 Eleanor Snell Spouse of Waymon Snell  
210 Al Soboleski   Kadena
211 Elsie Soboleski Spouse of Al Soboleski  
212 Bill Spitzer   Okinawa
213 Annette Spitzer Spouse of Bill Spitzer  
214 Jim Steadman   Hahn
215 Ellen Steadman Spouse of Jim Steadman  
216 Frank Tobin   Sembach
217 Irene Tobin Spouse of Frank Tobin  
218 Hank Tracy   Tainan
219 Kathy Heideck Guest of Hank Tracy  
220 Joseph Traina   Hahn
221 Alan Trodus   Sembach
222 Mary Trodus Spouse of Alan Trodus  
223 Tony Valovich   Hahn
224 Linda Valovich Spouse of Tony Valovich  
225 Guy Vanderman   Kadena
226 Ing-Britt Vanderman Spouse of Guy Vanderman  
227 Elby Walker   Orlando, Hahn & Lowry
228 Robert Walworth   Hahn
229 Velma Walworth Spouse of Robert Walworth  
230 Ed Weyn   Orlando & Tainan
231 Anna Weyn Spouse of Ed Weyn  
232 Lynn Wheatcraft   Sembach
233 Joan Wheatcraft Spouse of Lynn Wheatcraft  
234 “Ski” Wiatrowski   Sembach
235 Michael Wilczynski   Bitburg
236 Carolyn Wilczynski Spouse of Michael Wilczynski  
237 Robert Wildrick   Bitburg
238 Anne  Wildrick Spouse of Robert Wildrick  
239 Brian Williams   Sembach
240 Heidi Williams Spouse of Brian Williams  
241 Ray Williams   Orlando & Kadena
242 Loretta Williams Spouse of Ray Williams  
243 Samuel Williams   Orlando
244 Barry Woodling   Bitburg
245 Sandra Woodling Spouse of Barry Woodling  
246 Felix Wylezik   Orlando & Taiwan
247 Jerry Yoder   Hahn
248 Peach Yoder Spouse of Jerry Yoder  
249 Jim Zumbrunnen   Kadena