Grünstadt (Sembach – Site III)

Hello fellow TAC Missileers.

Several months ago a reporter, Ursula Schramm, who works for the Rheinpfalz Newspaper in Ludwigshafen and lives in Grünstadt contacted me regarding the old Mace missile site on the Grünstadt Hill.  She told me she walks by the abandoned site on her frequent walks and has often wondered about its history. She subsequently found and read George Mindling’s and my book U.S. Air Force Tactical Missiles 1949 -1969 the Pioneers and started researching on line and looking through the local city and newspaper archives, contacting older people in the area about the site and its history.  Not finding very much in the archives at all she was doubly surprised about how little the residences of Grünstadt knew about the missile site during the time it was active. I guess we kept our secrets well back then.  

Below is my effort at translating of the two part article that ran in the September 1st and 2nd newspapers.  Translation mistakes are mine.  There are also two links below that will be active for only three (3) month which will take you to the original article in German if you want to see the actual articles.  Ursula told me she plans to do several more follow up articles about the Cold War era in and around Grünstadt and might also include some of the personalities involved

Bob Bolton   Grünstadt 1962 – 1966

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