TAC Missileers T-Shirts – Update #3

From: Max Butler
Subject:  TAC Missileers Shirts
Date: May 17, 2017

I had a couple embroided shirts made (some members had expressed interest). These shirts have a collar and are a polo type dressier shirt. Of course they are more expensive ($110.00) because there is a setup fee of $20.00 each time the lettering over (or under) the back big patch is changed. My shirts had Hahn and Bitburg over the patch and then Germany under the patch. Shirts with different lettering over / under the big patch have a $20.00 setup fee for each change (i.e., $40.00).

The tee shirts are a completely different story as they are all the same wording front and back. The fronts will have the TAC Missileers 3″ silkscreened patch with the missile insignia under the silkscreened 3″ patch. The backs will have the large 7-1/2″ silkscreened TAC Missileers patch with the missile insignia on each side of this patch.

Below this patch are all the different bases and countries that everyone was associated with. This way everyone is represented and we got away from having to have at least 12 shirts with the same lettering in order to get the shirts ordered. Of course the cost was much lower this way also.

The silkscreened tee shirts will run on the low end about $30.00 to the high end about $50.00, depending on the size and weather a shirt has a pocket or not.

     For example a small to XL shirt with pocket will run $46.00
     A shirt size —-2XL to 5XL with pocket will run $50.00
     A small to XL with out a pocket will run ———$25.00
     A 2XL to 5XL without a pocket will run ———-$28.00

Again, keep in mind the expensive shirts ($110.00) are all embroidered and are a polo type dressier shirt with a collar. The reason I sent the pictures is that there were a couple of members that were interested in this shirt and they were aware of the cost. It was just an option for everyone.

I will be sending a picture of the tee shirts in a few days as they are going into production tomorrow. I think everyone will really like them as I saw the setup this morning. The color of the shirts is Air Force blue which makes all the other colors really stand out. Later.


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